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Week 12 Lab: Six-Word Memoirs

 Six-Word Memoirs

Blank card, ready for a new story. (Pixabay)

So, for this week's story lab, I read up on NPR's website about six-word memoirs. I really liked this concept. I have seen it on social media a lot, but have never tried it myself. I think it makes story-telling even more meaningful. You only have six words, to sum up everything you are feeling or thinking. This makes the six words you string together much more valuable than the normal-sized novel or story you would write to explain a whole scenario or concept. The most intriguing ones for me were ones that tried to sum up their whole life's experience. I think it really resonated with me and how I want to be in my writing. I want it to be valuable and mean something. I think I would like to do a microfiction of my favorite fictional characters and do a six-word story or memoir for each of them. I think it would be very entertaining and will definitely be something I will be looking forward to doing for this class. This activity will help me to become a better, more creative, and concise writer in my opinion. I am looking forward to the challenge of starting to write microfictions like the six-word story.  

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Celtic Fairy Tales Reading: Part B

 Celtic Fairy Tales

Cover of the "Celtic Fairy Tales" book. (Source: Mythology Untextbook Unit )

King O'Toole and His Goose

-"OCH, I thought all the world, far and near, had heerd o' King O'Toole — well, well, but the darkness of mankind is untellable!"
-owned the churches
-loved hunting
-had a pet goose that entertained him when he got old and couldn't hunt anymore
-Saint Kavin
-Saint Kavin says will make the goose good as new if the king will give him the land she flies around after shes better

The Shee An Gannon and the Gruagach Gaire

-Fairy of Gannon and the Laughin Goblin
-asked the king of Erin to marry his daughter
-king told him that if he could find out what made the goblin stop laughing he could marry her, if he didn't, he would behead him
-fairy starts working for the goblin
-Land of the Giant
-five-headed giant 

Beth Gellert

-prince Llewelyn had a greyhound named Gellert
-called for Gellert but he never came
-went hunting but came back angry
-when he came back, found the dog covered in blood
-went to sons nursery and saw chaos
-"Monster, thou hast devoured my child," he drew out his sword and plunged it in the greyhound's side, who fell with a deep yell and still gazing in his master's eyes."
-Beth Gellert- "Grave of Gellert"

The Tale of Ivan 

-Cornish Tale
-Market Jew- nothing to do with Jews, "Marghas Yow,"-means Thursday Market
-Llanlavan Chyannor
-3 pounds for a year's wages at the farm for Ivan
-"Never leave the old road for the sake of a new one."
-"Never lodge where an old man is married to a young woman."
-"Honesty is the best policy."

Andrew Coffey

-whole barony-repeated 
-quiet decent man
-got lost in the woods and found a cabin
-heard his name being called
-"better see, than be seen"
-dreamed the whole ordeal

Brewery of Eggshells

-Welsh changeling story
-Place of Strife
-"old elves of the blue petticoat"
-"Wise Man of Llanidloes, for he knew everything and would advise her what to do."
-"So she went back into the house, seized the children, and threw them into the lake, and the goblins in their blue trousers came and saved their dwarfs and the mother had her own children back and so the great strife ended."


Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs, with illustrations by John D. Batten (1892). 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Celtic Fairy Tales Reading: Part A

 Celtic Fairy Tales

Silver-Tree in the glen. (Source: The Untextbook )

Connla and The Fairy Maiden 

-Connla of the Fiery Hair
-Conn of the Hundred Fights
-Plains of the Ever-Living- "Where there is neither death nor sin"
-Hill Folk
-interesting names 
-old language 
-only Connla saw the Fairy Maiden 
-Plain of Pleasure- Moy Mell
-Boadag is king
-"Oh, come with me, Connla of the Fiery Hair, ruddy as the dawn with thy tawny skin. A fairy crown awaits thee to grace thy comely face and royal form. Come, and never shall thy comeliness fade, nor thy youth, till the last awful day of judgment."
-"by woman wiles and witchery"
-Coran got rid of the maiden and the maiden threw an apple at him
-Connla ate only from the apple and ate and drank nothing else for a month, his longing for the fairy maiden grew
-"Tis a glorious place, forsooth, that Connla holds among short-lived mortals awaiting the day of death. But now the folk of life, the ever-living ones, beg and bid thee come to Moy Mell, the Plain of Pleasure, for they have learnt to know thee, seeing thee in thy home among thy dear ones."
-maiden called druid "false black demon"
-curragh-a canoe

The Field of Boliauns

-lady-day - Feast of the Annunciation- angel Gabriel told Mary of Jesus' birth
-Tom Fitzpatrick
-"clacking sort of noise"
-brown pitcher that might hold a gallon and a half of liquor 
-Leprachaun description
-"They say a body must never take their eyes off them, or they'll escape."
-good beer in the pitcher
-made beer out of heath

The Horned Women

-Witch of One Horn
-Witch of Two Horns
-12 women all with horns, last had 12 horns
-Mistress of house felt near death from witchs' spell
-"The mountain of the Fenian women and the sky over it is all on fire."
-Slievenamon- their main home 
-the Spirit of the Well
-feet-water, beam, and cake all talk back to the witches

The Shepherd of Myddvai 

-Black Mountains in Caermarthenshire lies the lake known as Lyn y Van Vach
-3 maidens from lake
-shepherd fell in love with one of the maidens
-maiden said she would marry him and be with him but he couldn't strike her 3 times (familiar to other stories I've read)
-sons became Meddygon Myddvai, the physicians of Myddvai

The Sprightly Tailor

-the great Macdonald
-told tailor to make trews at night in a haunted church
-ghost appears
-the "fearsome thing" ran after the tailor after he left the church and gave chase

Munachar and Manachar 

-starts off like an original fairytale
-inanimate objects talking (rod,axe,flag,water, butter, milk)
-talking animals (deer, hound, cat, cow)
-repetitive, always adding a new character 
- threshers, miller
-Manachar bursts before Munachar can get everything he needs to hang him on a gad

Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree

-starts with "Once upon a time.."
-silver-tree is mother, gold-tree daughter
-trout in the glen they go to tells silver-tree that her daughter is prettier than her
-a prince from far off ask to marry gold-tree and the king approves
-king gave her the heart and liver of a he-goat instead
-siler-tree begs king for a ship and they go visit their daughter
-gold-tree locked herself in her room when they came
-mother teicked her and stuck her finger with poison that killed her
-prince didn't bury her, but locked her in her room where she was
-prince marries again and second wife finds the room where gold-tree is
-she takes the poison out of her finger and gold-tree lives again
-prince keeps both wives
-"The prince and his two wives were long alive after this, pleased and peaceful. I left them there."


Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs, with illustrations by John D. Batten (1892). 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Week 11 Reading Notes Part B: Native American Marriage Tales

 Marriage Tales Part B

Deer running through the forest. (Source: Pixabay)

The Dog-Husband

-tamanous-" spirit power"
-Quinault tale
-young girl who had a dog
-dog slept at foot of her bed
-every night dog would turn into a man and lie with the girl and then turn back to a dog in the morning
-girl becomes pregnant
-parents were ashamed, all the people moved, and left the girl to die 
-Crow had pity on her
-Coals between two clamshells, hear crackling, and see fire
-had 5 dog pups, 4 males 1 female
-heard singing from the house
-caught pups in human form 
-taught boys how to hunt
-made them bathe every day to get tamanous for whale hunting 
-got so many whales beach stank with them
-Crow visited and then told the people who ran away about children and girl
-people went back to village and the boys were chiefs

The Youth Who Joined The Deer

-Nlakapamuk tale
-great deer-hunter
-constantly thought of deer
-2 wives, one son
-see child and woman at the end of deer tracks 
-"You need not trouble yourself about the tracks. For a long time, I have loved you and longed for you. Now you shall go with me to my house."
-hunter could not resist attraction or following her
-"You must not worry or think that you are doing wrong. You shall be my husband, and you will never regret it."
-went underground
-found other people who were dressed in deerskin clothing
-"You are my husband, and will sleep with me. You may embrace me, but you must not try to have intercourse with me. You must not do so before the rutting season. Then you may also go with my sisters. Our season comes but once a year, and lasts about a month. During the rest of the year we have no sexual connections."
-deer people lived by hunting and killing each other for food, but came back to life when thrown into the water

The Youth Who Joined The Deer (Cont.)

-turned into a deer for rutting season, others beat him
-people gave him large antlers to win in fighting
-went back to hunters people
-"For eight days you must prepare yourself by washing in decoctions of herbs."
-deer son teaches other son how to hunt and to throw deer bones in the water
-son from the deer became human and the hunter became a deer

The Girl and The Turkeys

-Zuni tale
-Salt City
-Wealthy people owned large flocks of turkeys
-a little tumbledown, single-room house, wherein there lived alone a very poor girl
-the only thing she owned was turkeys
-turkeys loved her
-Dance of the Sacred Bird
-never allowed to participate
-turkeys can understand the girl
- "Now, listen well, for I speak the speech of all the elders of my people: If you will drive us in early this afternoon when the dance is most gay and the people are most happy, we will help you to make yourself so handsome and so prettily dressed that never a man, woman, or child amongst all those who are assembled at the dance will know you, but rather, especially the young men, will wonder whence you came, and long to lay hold of your hand in the circle that forms around the altar to dance."

The Girl and the Turkeys (Cont. and end)

-"No one knows how much happiness and good fortune may come to you"
-"took turkeys home and gave them her clothes to restore
-made all her clothing looked white and neat and pressed
-turkeys cleaned her too
-"O maiden mother, leave open the wicket, for who knows whether you will remember your Turkeys or not when your fortunes are changed, and if you will not grow ashamed that you have been the maiden mother of Turkeys? But we love you and would bring you good fortune. Therefore, remember our words of advice, and do not tarry too long."
-"Whence comes this beautiful maiden?"
-forgot turkeys
-"It is as we might have expected. She has forgotten us; therefore is she not worthy of better things than those she has been accustomed to. Let us go forth to the mountains and endure no more of this irksome captivity, inasmuch as we may no longer think our maiden mother as good and true as once we thought her."
-turkeys ran away high into the mountains
-"After all, the gods dispose of men according to as men are fitted, and if the poor be poor in heart and spirit as well as in appearance, how will they be aught but poor to the end of their days?"

The True Bride

-Nlakapamuk tale 
-white man who had a wife and daughter
-first wife died, man remarried and had another daughter
-stepmother was always mean to the first daughter
-stepmother sent out the girl to get berries in winter
-girl left with food in her basket and was going to wander until she died
-found a lodge with four young men
-young men were relatives but she didn't know it 
-told them about stepmother sending her out for berries 
-they gave her a shovel and scraper and told her to remove snow from the house
-found that the roof was covered with fresh strawberries 
-asked what they could do for her
-she said she was poor and had no clothes, they told her to spit and spittle turned into a gold nugget
-made shoes and dress
-stepmother was angry when she saw all the things that the girl had
-stepmother told her daughter to follow elders footsteps in the snow
-came to the lodge and the brothers gave her food and asked why she was traveling 
-told her to do the same for berries 
-asked her to spit but she was too vain and haughty
-when younger spat it turned into smelly toenails 
-brothers refused to help her 
-stepmother not giving up messing with Girl-who-spat-gold
-"animal-birth slander"
-chief's son passed by and saw the elder girl
-chief and his son saw she spat gold and the chief told his son to marry her because she was valuable
-at wedding, the girl spat gold for guests
-She-who-spat-gold became pregnant
-husband said that stepmother and half-sister should help her have the baby
-stepmother made the baby fall into a hole and gave the girl a cat and said that was her child
-"Odd people have odd children."
-stepmother tricked her again the same way and gave her a snake for her baby
-stepmother convinced husband to kill the girl and they threw her overboard in the lake
-four brothers rescued her and turned her into a swan 
-She-who-spat-gold's dog took care of children
-stepmother poisoned them 
-dog took them to the Sun for help
-children came back to life with the Sun's spittle
-stepmother and half-sister hanged 


Tales of the North American Indians by Stith Thompson (1929). 

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Week 11 Reading Notes Part A: Native American Marriage Tales

 Marriage Tales 

Buffalo (Source: Pixabay)

The Piqued Buffalo Wife

-Blackfoot story
-young man fathers a buffalo cow's child
-the child sneaks into the other camps to play with the other children
-wanted to find his father 
-headman called all older man and the boy couldn't find his father 
-father was among the unmarried men of the camp
-boy brought his father to where his mother was
-buffalo cow became a woman and went home with her husband and child
-she warned her husband to not "strike at her with fire"
-struck at her with fire, she and the child turned into buffalo and ran away
- man covered himself in "buffalo-wallow" to try and find them
-was told he had to go through an ordeal to be reunited with his wife and child 
-the buffalo calf that was his son told him he would know it was him b/c he would hold up his tail
-man was trampled 
-found a piece of bone and brought him back to life

Bear-Woman and Deer-Woman

-Lassik story 
-grizzly bear and doe were both wives of chickenhawk
-grizzly bear kills the doe
-cooks her head in the fire
-the does children killed the grizzlys children


-Arapaho story
-7 people on a journey on the war-path
-they went hunting to find food and one of the hunters cut his leg on a thorny plant
-his leg swelled up so much that it burst and a child came out of it
-the grew very fond of the child
-her name was Foot-Stuck-Child
-a buffalo wanted to marry her so sent a magpie with the message to the hunters
-they said no 
-eventually became his wife 
-had a hand-painted buffalo robe

Splinter-Foot-Girl (cont.)

-been a year since she has married buffalo
-blackbird said that the mole and badger can help the hunters get their daughter back
-finds a stone and asks for help, but it says its not strong enough
-they found a cottonwood tree they climbed to get away from the bull
-bull found her empty robe and was angry
-the bull and his herd track them
-they find the tree the girl is in and start attacking it
-the take of its bark and break their horns on it
-when the bull attacked the tree the last time he got stuck.
-the tree told the men to shoot him and kill him and then cover him with the pieces of wood that had fallen off

Splinter-Foot-Girl (End)

-the rock wanted to marry the girl and sent the magpie to tell her fathers
-the magpie warned that he was not a good man and to refuse him
-had to let the girl go but her fathers knew the mole and badger would help her
-mole and badger tricked the rock to fall into a hole they had made
-her and her fathers escape into the sky and live in a tent covered with stars

The Eagle and Whale Husbands 

-Greenland Inuit story
-2 girls were playing on a beach with eagle and whale bones
-one decided to marry an eagle, the other a whale
-an eagle came a took one girl to a high cliff
-she took the sinews of the birds he brought for her to eat and made a rope to escape
-she went back to her people where the eagle found her
-they tricked him to spread out his wings and shot and killed him'
-a whale took the other girl deep into the ocean and tied her to the bottom
-her brothers who were nearby built a boat to rescue her
-they got her back and the whale chased them
-when the whale got to shore, he turned into a piece of whalebone

The Fox-Woman

-Labrador Eskimo tale
-a hunter who lived on his own kept coming back to his home to find it cleaned and food ready and waiting for him
-he decided to watch and see who did it
-he saw a fox enter and thought it was about to steal food
-when he entered the house he saw a beautiful woman who was beautifully clothed
-he asked her why she did everything and she said as his wife it was her duty
-she had an odor that the man complained about, so she left

The Woman Stolen By Killer Whales

-Tahltan tale
-a fisherman caught a strange big fish and he had his wife kill it and cut it up to dry for food later
-when she dipped her hands in water to clean them, a killer whale grabbed her for revenge for killing his friend
-the shark offers to help get his wife back 
-the shark rescued the woman and fought the killer whales

The Rolling Head

-a Cheyenne tale
-a solitary-family lived alone
-husband painted the wife's face and body before leaving for hunting
-the woman went to a lake to get water
-met a snake who told her to come out to him and she did and did it every day her husband was gone
-the husband followed her to see what she was really doing at the lake
-the man saw his wife with the snake and killed them both
-he cut up his wife's meat and cooked it and fed it to their children
-the head of their mother chased the daughters
-the girls were taken care of by two panthers and two bears
-their father joined them again, but they regretted what he had done to them, so they made the lions kill him

The Bear-Woman

-Blackfoot tale
-a woman who had 7 brothers and one little sister
-she had many suitors but refused to marry
-mother was dead but she and her siblings lived with their father
-had a bear for a lover, but didn't want anyone to know
-her little sister followed her one day and found out about her lover and told their father
-father went out with other people and killed the bear 
-the elder sister scolded her younger sister for telling on her
-she told her little sister to go and get some flesh from the dead bear's paws
-little sister was upset because a dog's pups kept biting her when she left their lodge
-older  sis offered to paint her to look like a bear and then went to go get the meat
-older sis a powerful medicine woman
-little sis warns bros about big sis being able to turn into a bear

The Bear-Woman (Cont.)

-tricked the elder sister
-younger sister and brothers leave the country
-after killing their elder sister, they decided to live in the sky as stars

Tales of North American Indians by Stith Thompson (1929). 

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Week 9 Story: Jack & Junior

     Now, we've all heard the stories of Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox and all they get up to. All ya'll know how Brer Rabbit always pullin' the wool over Brer Fox's eyes. But what ya'll all ain't never heard about, was their younguns. 

    Well, back in that little holler that all them animals lived in, Miss Meadows would watch the younguns and teach em proper. They learn readin', writin', and countin'. She loved 'em all like they was her own. But the nearest and dearest ones close to her heart were them there lil bunnies from Brer Rabbit and his Missus. Miss Meadows thought they was cute as a bug's ear. So they could no wrong in her eyes. 

    Welp, the littlest out of them lil bunnies was named Jack. Even though he was the cutest, he was also smart as a whip. He could sell ice to a penguin if you asked him to do it. And he mostly used them smarts to always get one over on lil Fox, Jr. He was Brer Fox and Missus Fox's only lil pup. He was a trouble maker, that one. He's always goin' after Jack and the lil bunnies. Course, he just was doin' what his Pa was always doin'. 

  One day all the younguns was out in Miss Meadows garden helpin' her to tend to it. Each youngun had a certain job to do. Jack was supposed to be paintin' the little fence that went round the garden to a nice white color. Well, Jack so got bored. He looked round at ole Junior pullin' up weeds and grinned when an idea came to his head. "I am so lucky that Miss Meadows picked me for this here job. Ain't nobody anywheres that can do this job," he said real loud like gettin' Junior's attention.

"What you over here yammerin' about, Jack? Alls yuns is doin' is paintin' that fence over yonder. It ain't that hard." Junior was snarlin' at him. 

"Yeah, but Miss Meadows said only I can do this job. On count of I'm SPECIAL, and only SPECIAL younguns can do this work," He was sayin' actin' all proud like.

Junior scratched his head a' thinkin'. What if he went over there and made lil ole Jack give his job to him? Then Miss Meadows would think HE was special. "'s is right. So gimmee that brush!" He yanked it out Jack's lil paw and pushed him real good to the ground. 

Jack grinned to hisself. He just sat back and watched the day drifitin' on by while ole Junior painted that whole fence. 

When Miss Meadows called all the younguns to show her their work, she saw that there fence was painted but her garden still afull of weeds. "Well, bless me! Looks like you are lazier than a fat tick on a hound dog, Junior Fox!" Miss Meadows was exclaimin' when she saw that there weren't no weeds pulled up in the garden. "I'm gonna tan your hide fer bein' so lazy! And I'm gonna tell yer Pa when I sees him!" She took him inside by the ear and all the children could hear him gettin a whippin' from Miss Meadows' switch she ain't hardly ever used. All the while, Jack justa sittin' there grinnin' to hisself. 


For this story, I wanted to do something with Brer Rabbit's children. They are mentioned a lot in the stories but we are never given any specific characteristics of one of the little bunnies. So I thought I would make the youngest one a trickster, just like Brer Rabbit. I was thinking of what kind of trick he could pull when I though of also giving the other animals children too. This is how Junior Fox was created. I also took a bit of inspiration from Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. Tom Sawyer tricks a bunch of boys into painting a fence for him, and ends up not having to do the work. I also used a different kind of Southern language. I'm from East Tennessee and tried to stick with slang from there because that's what I'm more familiar with. Thanks for reading! 


Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings by Joel Chandler Harris (1881).

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Reading Part B Notes: Brer Rabbit

Brer Rabbit Reading Notes Part B

Brer Rabbit getting the best of Brer Fox. (Source: Deviant Art )

Mr. Fox and The Deceitful Frogs

-picks up after Terrapin has tricked Fox into letting go of his tail, Terrapin is mocking him from water
-teased Fox in terrapin talk
-Frog and Bull-Frog join in
-they tricked Fox into thinking his reflection was another fox and he fell in the water

Old Mr. Rabbit, He's a Good Fisherman

-has origins in Europe
-Fox, Rabbit, Coon, Bear, and others are clearing a patch to plant corn
-Rabbit begins to get tired but doesn't say anything because he doesn't want to look lazy
-Rabbit jumped into a bucket from a well
-bucket went down and rabbit got scared- "They ain't been no worser scared beast since the world begin than this here same Brer Rabbit." 
-Fox followed him and saw Rabbit fall down the well in the bucket
-Fox thinks that Rabbit is actually hiding something in the well
-Rabbit tells Fox he is fishing
-Rabbit tricks Fox into jumping in other bucket and pulling him up

Mr. Rabbit Meets His Match Again

-Buzzard and Rabbit growing crop together
-Buzzard didn't get his share
-Buzzard tells Rabbit he found a gold mine
-Buzzard carries Rabbit over the river
-Rabbit gets scared and is weak in the knees for months

A Story About The Little Rabbits

-Little rabbits are Brer Rabbits children.
-good children
-Fox wants to eat them but remembers when Wolf got boiled and skinned so is making an excuse to eat them
-"Take your toothies and gnaw it,Take your toothies and saw it,
Saw it and yoke it,
And then you can broke it."
-"Sifter hold water same as a tray,If you fill it with moss and dob it with clay;
The Fox get madder the longer you stay—
Fill it with moss and dob it with clay."
-"Spit in your hands and tug it and toll it,And get behind it, and push it, and pole it;
Spit in your hands and rear back and roll it."
-A little bird sang solutions to the problems that Fox gave them

Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Bear

- goober- peanut
-cute- "acute"
-Rabbit got caught in Fox's trap
-told Bear he was making money being a scarecrow for Fox
-Rabbit tricked Bear into taking his place and told Fox he was stealing from him
-Fox beat him with a stick- "blip"

Mr. Terrapin Shows His Strength

-all animals went to Miss Meadows to make molasses 
-all are given jobs to do
-Miss Meadows said they weren't allowed to play tricks or fight each other and hung up a flag of truce at the gate
-rocking in chair repetitive
-terrapin says bear cant pull him out of a puddle
-got the rope and tied it to a tree root

The Story of The Deluge

-"way back yonder"
-not  a beer rabbit story, but flood story
-Lion was king
-Rhinossy-hoss- Rhino
-elephant stepped on a crawfish and squished it
-Crawfish burrowed down into the earth and released water from the earth flooding it

Plantation Proverbs


Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings by Joel Chandler Harris (1881).

Week 12 Lab: Six-Word Memoirs

 Six-Word Memoirs Blank card, ready for a new story. ( Pixabay ) So, for this week's story lab, I read up on NPR's website about six...